Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Admit You're A Terrorist ... Win Fabulous Prizes!

| by Blogenfreude | 12:45 PM |

Telescreen_1Since we're being watched, and the Dear Leader said he intends to keep watching, we might as well just fess up and get it over with. So Agitprop asks ... what are you, and why? Best answer wins a left-leaning t-shirt. Are you:

1. A Saddamist?
2. A Rejectionist?
3. A Terrorist?
4. A Defeatist?
5. A combination?

Here at Agitprop, depending on the day and the phase of the moon, we mostly find ourselves part Saddamist, part Defeatist. We miss that wacky Saddam, but only because he's keeping us from finding real terrorists. However, it's also true that the terrorists are now mostly in Iraq, and that should make them easier to find. We are part Defeatist because, well, the Dear Leader has decided to stay the course. He wants victory!

So head over to Agitprop to play, and make sure and line up according to belief ... get ready for your extraordinary rendition! Stopping in the U.K. and Poland ... all aboard!


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