Thursday, December 22, 2005

Agitprop Asks For Your Help

| by Blogenfreude | 7:10 PM |

Wherein We Momentarily Stop
Holding Our Breath Until We Turn Blue

Oreillylist_2So we haven't stopped trying to get onto O'Reilly's list of "Media Operations that Traffic in Defamation™," but we have re-evaluated our approach. First, O'Reilly said his list would be of "the names of all who support the smear merchants ...." Fair enough ... who wouldn't qualify? But then O'Reilly upped the ante: now the list is of media that "helped distribute defamation and false information supplied by far left websites." [emphasis supplied.] Aha! This is why we have not been blacklisted!

Clearly, a change of tactics is in order. We can't qualify by merely mocking Falafel Claus; we have to distribute the mockery. If Bill Googles "O'Reilly left wing smear" Agitprop must be the first result!

Therefore, if you care about Agitprop, if you want to see our Adsense revenue ever crawl above a buck a day, you know what you must do. Forward every smear of O'Reilly you see. Snail mail, email, we don't care. We'll link to it all. If you write it, we will publish it. Link to this post. If you Photoshop him, up it goes here at Agitprop. If you build it, we will come.


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