Sunday, December 18, 2005


| by Neil Shakespeare | 9:00 PM |

Hello everyone. Are you getting enough food, water, medical care?

I must admit to a feeling of oddness. I suppose that comes from the ennui associated with being an honorary refugee. The long hours spent doing nothing, waiting for help to arrive. The garbage piling up all around. Can't blog. Forced to watch either football or FOX.

"Can somebody change the channel?

Oh, Jesus. TIME, I see, is giving the "Persons of the Year" cover to Bill & Melinda Masterbates and Boner, their long lost love child. Sure, why not? Let's give it to the two richest people in the world and their whiny bastard son, why don't we?

I can't hear the sound from here. There's so much noise. Probably a good thing. I sure as hell don't wanna hear Boner whining about how wonderful he is.

I see those two "homosocials", William Jefferson Bush and George Herbert Walker Clinton holding hands while stepping off a plane together. Must be another appearance for their new movie, "Brokeback Tsunami".

Oops, there's Dick the Prick over in Iraq. Guess he must have needed an oil change. And there's Brainless John McCain talking on his cellphone as he enters the White House. I wonder what he's saying. Maybe it's:

"Motherfucking Typepad Refugees! Goddamnit! We never should have invaded Typepad! All we've done is strengthened their movement!

Good, somebody switched the channel. Local news. Holy cow! There's been a murder/suicide in Voidsville! What the heck?! We NEVER have murders around here! Lots of suicides, but never any murders. They're not releasing the names...details pending...investigation ongoing. Ongoing. Where have I heard that before?

Well heck. Boy, now I've really got something to think about. I have to go now. Make some phone calls. Find out about this murder/suicide. All they can say is that, "The murderer and victim seemed to know each other." Hmmm. Not a lot to go on. But I'll keep you posted, right here at...


Neil SHAKES ... one of my better ideers ... inviting you to the Superdome. Welcome. Welcome indeed.
Thanks, B. Wow! A murder/suicide right here in Voidsville. This is great. I can turn this into a "yellow blog" with nothing but sensationalist crime reporting!
You can do whatever you want ... we are in the Superdome. There is no law. Not even the Dear Leader is here ... they don't know we exist.
Neil! What the hell are you doing here? Come over to the dark side, have ya? Welcome, my dear. This place is really getting fun. Nice artwork, kiddo!
Neil, Thank you for gracing our dismal Superdome with some of your beautiful art. That sure sucks about those Voidsville murders...
SSSSHHHH! Don't scare him away! We need some TALENT here. Agi, ShakesSis, and Neil, and the rest of you ... make this blog come ALIVE! I can't handle the truth!
Neil that's quite a picture.
Well, i'm just visiting the dark side. i'd like to see what's going on but it's just dark!
Medical care? My prescription drugs ran out ... oy indeed.
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