Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hello from Canada

| by Polly Jones | 7:07 PM |

What's new up here? Not much...snow...snow...and, we had our leadership debates last night for our upcoming election. Our FOUR main political parties discussed you guys (yep, the States) for a bit. Some like you, some don't. We are pissed off about softwood lumber.

What else? They also discussed whether we should legalize crack..We have already legalized marijuana and now we're working our way up the totem pole. The Liberals also want to ban all handguns.

I have papers to write today, but will be popping in to the refugee camp for company. We should have an online discussion. Lets vote on topics:

1) plastic surgery
2) gay marriage
3) legalizing crack
4) Rampaging Canadian Conservatives - (I'd be happy to provide links to blogs)
5) The US takeover of Canada
6) The War on Christmas
7) Erectile Dysfunction
8) The Sounds of Music and other false realities
9) Big Pharmaceuticals

You guys choose the other options.

P.S. We aren't really planning to legalize crack

Y'all do seem to have a better grasp on marijuana laws up in Canada, but what happens when the DEA takes over - despite your laws.

Oh, yeah, they already did with Marc Emery.

You might as well just become the 51st state. Resistance is futile, epsecially with the neocons in control down here.
Oh honey - that crack thing really got my attention there for a moment! Good God!! By the way - my hubby and I are planning to retire in Nova Scotia - going through the entire emigration rigmarole so it’s kosher. As a matter of fact, hubby is flying up there next March with the intent of buying some land. Now - even though hubby wants to try and do the retirement thing early if possible - we’re still talking at least a decade before the big move! And as we are not 1. Wealthy or 2. Financial wizards, I am terrified of screwing up!

Imagine dyslexic me trying to work out finances! And I suck at math to begin with. Trust me - It's not a pretty picture! Anyway - Lets see - I'm against crack and plastic surgery, for gay marriage and marijuana, and definitely in favor of Canada as a whole. As for what else to discuss - you mentioned softwood - I know logging and wood products are one of your biggest industries - hubby and I plan on a small business planting ‘artisan’ trees when we retire (specialty stuff for woodworkers). What is the debate up there all about?
4) rampaging Canadian conservatives ...
5) Operation Canadian Restraint
War on Christmas. It's very important to Christians everywhere.
"Soft Lumber" is real problem for some. You all should try and relax and let it get to you. It really is just temporary. Don't worry.
"not let it get to you." sorry.
can you actually provide links to the "Rampaging Canadian Conservatives" blogs :-)
Yes... I could..but I was more thinking that I could provide links to the "Canadian conservative" blogs for others to rampage.
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