Saturday, December 17, 2005

it must be because of the war on Christmas!

| by nina | 3:17 PM |

Well, despite being royally pissed off at TypePad like everyone else, I must admit it's been kinda fun getting together with other folks and making new blogs. I am one of the lucky ones whose TypePad blog appears to be for the most part restored. This will not, however, stop me from blabbing all over the damn place, for now I am experiencing a crisis of a different nature, a crisis that could involve the wailing of a six year old, for I cannot find the Christmas tree stand.

We live in a very old house and let me tell you that poking around in its nether regions is no fun. It's dark and smelly and full of things that I am officially not bothered by but still don't want to encounter unexpectedly. I have looked in every possible nook and cranny, and while I have found several boxes of old toys, a broken printer, a camp stove, and the kidlet's toddler bed, the tree stand ain't nowhere. I know this problem seems easily solved. We can venture to the store and purchase a new tree stand for all of six dollars. But I just know that the minute I do that, the old stand will magically appear in some obvious place. And then next year I'll have two stands to lose.

Why does Typepad hate Christmas?
I do know about old houses. Our first house was a 100+ farmhouse - and did it have its own unique problems! Hang in there - having two tree stands may be helpful some day.
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