Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bye Bye DiFi

| by PovertyBarn | 10:09 PM |

After reading blogenfreude and Daily Pepper's posts over the last few minutes, I have to finally voice my outrage and annoyance.

California Moderate Dianne Feinstein said that she will not vote for Alito, but she doesn't see a need for a Filibuster. Excuse me? Does she remember that she is a woman? Um, hello!!!!!!!!!

Dear Senator Clueless:

You are the only woman on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Alito has made his stance clear by his past actions that he is anti-choice and anti-woman. What in the hell are you thinking? By merely voting no and putting your head up your ass, you are turning your back on woman-kind.

I find you to be cowardly and unworthy of my support any longer. You are old and will be out off office fairly soon, maybe you are going senile? This could be the only possible explanation!

When Roe v. Wade is over-turned, I will lead a demonstration in front of your office in San Francisco and all of the of the cushy homes that you own. How nice for you that you get to sit in your mansions and look down at, we the voters, the people who pay your salary.

You make me sick and I am now supporting the Green Candidate who is running to unseat you, you miserable, daft cow who has forgotten whom she serves.


A disappointed, woman Democrat and registered voter and X-posted at PovertyBarn

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