Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Teaching Tolerance

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Since I am a lifelong Bay Area resident, I make the mistake of assuming that everyone is just as liberal, tolerant and embracing as I am. Well, today I received another reminder that this is not the case and my heartbreaks just a little bit more.

Over in the East Bay in San Leandro, the school district saw fit to teach tolerance and make their schools - gulp - safe for all students. This was done by passing out the poster that is posted here to all teachers at a yearly seminar on LGBT issues because, sadly, gay students are harassed and worse at schools. The poster was designed by one of the LGBT clubs at one the campuses.

However, about five teachers have refused to hang the posters in their classrooms because of their religious beliefs. None of these teachers were available at the time of the Chronicle's article for comment. Why not be proud of your stance? You lily liver-ed bigots!

My thoughts:
1. Whatever happened to separation of Church and State? Clearly, these peeps are getting paid with government monies.
2. These are not private institutions, so get over it. You are not being asked to discuss it, although, you should.
3. You are perpetuating myths and passing along the bias of those who are not tolerant.
4. GET OVER IT! You should be teaching and embracing ALL STUDENTS. If you are unwilling to do this, then find another job. Every child should feel welcome at their school, no matter what.
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