Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brought To You By Pantload Media

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Gee, do you suppose this is a spoof? Little Green Fascists.


Monday, January 30, 2006

DeLay Death Watch

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Isn't He Gone Yet?


The clueless Tom DeLay, talking to the equally clueless Chris Matthews, says that his consituents are "very, very supportive" of his reelection bid. This is despite a 60% disapproval rating.

Instead of blaming his own greed, DeLay blames "Nancy Pelosi, MoveOn.org, George Soros, Howard Dean," and others for his predicament. Ronnie Earle can't finish him off quick enough.


A Thought on the Governator

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Ahnold's policy direction is a lot like the weather in New England, if you wait a minute, it will change. So, true.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Typepad - The Evil Empire

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All day now, certain sections of Typepad have been deemed verboten by the evil Carla and her minions at sixpart support. That means you can get in - but you can't maneuver once you're there. No explanation as to why has been forthcoming. As I cannot post, I come here for either solace and support, or to wallow in our mutual disregard of Typepad et al - whichever comes first. Sometimes I feel Carla has developed a particular tendre for screwing around with my blog. It’s enough to make a person scream bloody murder whilst hoping up and down on one foot!


Once again Typepad has sucked big wazzobies! I haven't bothered sending in a help ticket - as they now universally ignore them. Yes, I know, I need to switch over to Wordpress, or something like it. Not being technologically inclined, all that just takes me longer than most - especially since I lost my one source of assistance in that regard. So - I am well and truly on my own - and as I am a Luddite at heart, everything tends to take me three times as long to master. So, in the meantime, here I am - hat in hand - wishing the evil gnomes infesting Typepad would find somewhere else to play!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Goodbye Fayard

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One of the greatest dancers of all time has died. Fayard Nicholas, half of the acclaimed Nicholas Brothers has finally joined his brother Harold in heaven. Such an incalculable loss – when I heard the news I cried. Now, when they do get around to filming that story, there will be no one left to tell exactly how it was. You don’t know The Nicholas Brothers? Not your fault – the blame lies with white obsessed movie aficionados. The Nicholas Brothers have been all but ignored whenever the greats of dance are lionized. Astaire, Kelly – Fayard Nicholas. He belongs right up there – first, in fact. He was choreographer and dancer, gymnast and artist.

Whatever innovation you can think of – Fayard Nicholas did it first. Dance-off’s? Done – with The Berry Brothers at The Cotton Club. Dancer vs. Musical instrument? Yup – 1940, Down Argentine Way. Moonwalking? Did that first too – where do you think Michael Jackson got the idea? Flash and control. Quicksilver with legs – that’s what Fayard Nicholas was. The late, great Gregory Hines once said that in any film of The Nicholas Brothers lives, the dances would have to be computer generated - because no one could possibly duplicate them. They were electrifying dancers – athletes first; but with a subtle artistry that was sheer genius. Harold always deferred to his older brother – he was a poet, the younger Nicholas said – talking to you with his hands and feet. Yet this magician, this brilliant, beautiful man was only gifted with two major awards before the end of his life. He won a Tony for his choreography of the musical Black & Blue, and he and his brother were granted Kennedy Center Honors before Harold died in 2000.

I could catalog the signature moves for you – no-hands splits, that even Balanchine praised as beyond balletic perfection; Astaire likened their gravity defying ‘Stormy Weather’ number to “tap-dancing with the fearless exuberance of children stone-hopping across a pond”. All you have to do is look at the unbridled joy on Fayard’s face to see it was true. God – what a loss! And no mention of his death anywhere. Where are the hour specials, the career retrospectives, the marching bands? Well – I remember you, Mr. Fayard Nicholas – I remember you and your brother, and I thank you for the countless hours of entertainment you brought me. And if anyone else out there is curious – rent Stormy Weather or Down Argentine Way and allow yourself to be amazed.

God bless you, and keep you safe, Mr. Nicholas. Both you and your brother.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Teaching Tolerance

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Since I am a lifelong Bay Area resident, I make the mistake of assuming that everyone is just as liberal, tolerant and embracing as I am. Well, today I received another reminder that this is not the case and my heartbreaks just a little bit more.

Over in the East Bay in San Leandro, the school district saw fit to teach tolerance and make their schools - gulp - safe for all students. This was done by passing out the poster that is posted here to all teachers at a yearly seminar on LGBT issues because, sadly, gay students are harassed and worse at schools. The poster was designed by one of the LGBT clubs at one the campuses.

However, about five teachers have refused to hang the posters in their classrooms because of their religious beliefs. None of these teachers were available at the time of the Chronicle's article for comment. Why not be proud of your stance? You lily liver-ed bigots!

My thoughts:
1. Whatever happened to separation of Church and State? Clearly, these peeps are getting paid with government monies.
2. These are not private institutions, so get over it. You are not being asked to discuss it, although, you should.
3. You are perpetuating myths and passing along the bias of those who are not tolerant.
4. GET OVER IT! You should be teaching and embracing ALL STUDENTS. If you are unwilling to do this, then find another job. Every child should feel welcome at their school, no matter what.
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh, Canada ...

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What Happened To Standing On Guard?
Haven't You Learned From Our Example?

I238482004nov30l_1OK, so now you've got a Bush clone in charge (not pictured). Doesn't like abortion, gay marriage (which you have, eh?), Kyoto, or civil rights. So how long you think it'll be before he's listening in on your phone calls? Like desert climates? Soon your fine young Mounties will be wearing desert camo and ineffective body armor in our Operation Enduring War™.

Oh, and watch for all your nationalized stuff to be quickly contracted out to Halliburton, KBR, and Bechtel. Sure, you can't be a superpower - that's us! But Harper will certainly waste your tax dollars on war-on-terror toys. And, in no time at all, your air will be an unbreathable as ours.

So welcome to the club! The "conservatives" did the same thing to you they did to us (well, except stealing two elections) - they kept the real wingnuts under wraps so they wouldn't scare your average voter like last time. You know, wingnuts are the ones who think anyone who's not white and Christian belongs in a camp. You'll see ...

tags: photo: Larry Downing (Reuters)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

We Are So Screwed ...

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Google Defies the Dear Leader!
Google is Doubleplus Ungood!

Bbc19842_1Bu$hCo Oceania lawyers want a million or so Google search records. They need them to revive a law the Supreme Court said was no good.

Shame on Google for acting against Ingsoc and the Dear Leader! What are privacy rights worth when we could lose the war on terror Afghanistan Iraq Eastasia?


Doubleplus Good!

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So Orwell Was Off By 16 Years ...

IngsocOceania has always been at war with Eastasia! Click here. All your news should come from here.

And here's more doubleplus good news from the Ministry of Truth: we never sent prisoners to Syria to be tortured! We've never even heard of Syria. Bashar who?

And don't forget:
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trent Sharpens a Lott of Long Knives

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Trent Gets Ready to Rumble

Trentlott021217Trent Lott hates Bill Frist. Remember Frist? Senate majority leader? God's Diagnostician?

Trent's been pissed off for a while: first Frist swiped his leadership position after the Strom 100th birthday kerfuffle, then the big, bad hurricane blew his house down (Frist must have prayed hard for that one).

Now that Trent has announced he'll seek a fourth term, it's almost certain he'll challenge Frist for his old position. While we have no love for Frist, why would anybody (or any body) want to be led by a guy who irons his shirts after they come back from the cleaners and won't let one type of food touch another on his plate? And what about his misty reverence for segregation? That could be important ...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bye Bye DiFi

| by PovertyBarn | 10:09 PM |

After reading blogenfreude and Daily Pepper's posts over the last few minutes, I have to finally voice my outrage and annoyance.

California Moderate Dianne Feinstein said that she will not vote for Alito, but she doesn't see a need for a Filibuster. Excuse me? Does she remember that she is a woman? Um, hello!!!!!!!!!

Dear Senator Clueless:

You are the only woman on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Alito has made his stance clear by his past actions that he is anti-choice and anti-woman. What in the hell are you thinking? By merely voting no and putting your head up your ass, you are turning your back on woman-kind.

I find you to be cowardly and unworthy of my support any longer. You are old and will be out off office fairly soon, maybe you are going senile? This could be the only possible explanation!

When Roe v. Wade is over-turned, I will lead a demonstration in front of your office in San Francisco and all of the of the cushy homes that you own. How nice for you that you get to sit in your mansions and look down at, we the voters, the people who pay your salary.

You make me sick and I am now supporting the Green Candidate who is running to unseat you, you miserable, daft cow who has forgotten whom she serves.


A disappointed, woman Democrat and registered voter and X-posted at PovertyBarn

Now Go Die For Your Country!

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Would Somebody Please Say This Isn't True ...

Dragonlede1_3Raw Story links to a blog post that claims "soldiers were ordered to leave their privately purchased body armor at home or face the possibility of both losing their life insurance benefit and facing disciplinary action."

Great. Rummy has plenty of Tamiflu, but soldiers in Iraq can't act to save their own lives. Just shut up and take one for the Dear Leader.


Monday, January 16, 2006

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Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child must work for a living,
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day Is fair and wise and good and gay.

He was born on a Tuesday – January 15, 1929. They named him Martin Luther – after his father and in honor of the concept of reform, and rebirth. I would say he was well and truly ‘full of grace’. In fact, I’d say he embodied all the attributes of our little rhyme – a handsome man, blessed with wit and intelligence, he nonetheless struggled for recognition; working hard to achieve despite the almost insurmountable barricades erected because of the color of his skin. A wise man, he gave of himself freely, as though he had no pressing needs; finding joy in the simplest of life’s offerings – and giving back that joy to those around him. Truly - a prince amongst men. It does indeed seem the good, they die young.

Today we acknowledge the myriad contributions Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. injected into every facet of our society. He shaped the fabric of our cultural and political landscape as much as say, Jefferson’s enlightenment idealism or George M. Cohan’s unique ability to capture Americana in song. I grew up privileged to listen to the man – including his inspirational ‘I’ve got a dream’ speech. I may have been a little kid – but I heard it, and I knew what he said was right – I could feel it in my bones. He always seemed so calm, and collected – even when people screamed epithets – he quietly soldiered on. What a marvelous role model to hold up for America’s children – someone who saw what needed to be done, and did it – no matter the personal cost. Truly, as Kennedy said, what he could do for his country. Funny, but I can’t think of anyone today who’s not motivated by gain – not even Dr. King’s family. No one’s willing to sacrifice one whit of comfort or privilege for the greater good. Frankly, I’m not even sure there is a greater good - not anymore. There’s just greed, power and control – idealism died with King and Kennedy – the dregs that are left reek to high heaven of graft and corruption.

So I want you all to think about our world, this Monday – about how it is, and how it might have been had a snipers bullet not found its target one cool spring evening. He died on a Thursday, by the way – I hope the gates of heaven were within easy reach. Think about what might have been had another bullet not found its mark a scant 2 months later. Has anybody here seen my old friend Bobby? Think how much this country and the world would have changed had these two men never been assassinated. Robert Kennedy - born on a Friday, died on a Thursday – the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. I wish he were still here. Bobby would have been president - not Nixon. He would have appointed Dr. King head of a new cabinet post - the Civil Rights Commission. Everyone today would be equal under the law – no discrimination – gay or straight, male or female. Reagan would never have become president, the cocaine cabal under Cheney would never have coalesced and greed would never, ever have been good.

Ah well - if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

Has anybody here seen my old friend Martin?
Can you tell me where he's gone?
He freed a lot of people,
But it seems the good die young,
I just looked around and he's gone.

Didn't you love the things they stood for?
Didn't they try to find some good for you and me?
And we'll be free.
Someday soon, it's gonna be one day.

Has anybody here seen my old friend Bobby?
Can you tell me where he's gone?
I thought I saw him walkin' up over the hill,
With Abraham, Martin and John.


Friday, January 13, 2006

Wingnuts on Parade

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CondomkeychainPam posted yesterday on a group of wingnuts who don't like the Planned Parenthood condom keychain. Big surprise. Their protest is so successful that the website selling the keychains crashed. Oops.

Wonder what the nutters would make of the Car Guys' Sistine Wrench?


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bush Does New Orleans

| by PovertyBarn | 6:16 PM |

Shrub visited New Orleans this morning to see the remaining devestation from Hurricane Katrina. Just Kidding.

He went to give an award to a woman named Daisy VanDenburgh for teaching kids how to read. The best part? Here it comes!

She is white and a registered republican. Shocking, isn't it?

He takes a tour of the Gulf Coast, so he can see things that have progressed.

Translation: He is shown where industry is cleaned up thus by-passing those who are poor, homeless/displaced, Black and Democrats.

Oh, he will also go to the home of a very rich Republican home builder for a fundraiser in Mississippi.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If Only I Wrote a Successful Television Show about the Disenfranchisement of America, Then People Would Love Me

| by eRobin | 7:48 PM |

I came over to shout in the wind. Typepad is hinky. Posts can save but can't be seen. The site times out - or something. What kind of treatment is this of someone who's using every spare minute of her day trying to restore America's vote? Where's my parade? And speaking of parades, did you see that the writers of Gray's Anatomy now have a Typepad blog, which gets front page promotion space? Who cares what the writers of Gray's Anatomy have to say? If I wanted to know what they care about, I'd watch the stupid show. Gimme Zach Braf or Wil Wheaton if you must but spare me ABC's latest big idea to promote their dopey shows.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

From the Department of Soft Landings

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Scooter's A Think Tank Scholar!

Scooter_1Scooter has managed to land a job. He's going to be a "scholar" at right-wing think tank The Hudson Institute. Hudson is known for housing such bright lights as Robert Bork and Meyrav Wurmser (neocon wife of neocon David Wurmser).

Wonder how much Scooter is pulling down? And speaking of soft landings ... Herr Bennett's got a new gig at CNN.


Friday, January 06, 2006

It's Friday - Do You Know Where Your Typepad Is?

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Well, girls and boys - it looks like Typepad is once again fer shizzle. At least for me, that is. I can't log in, and they don't recognize that I even have an account with them. There must be something about Friday's that 'Carla' and her team of nincompoops don't like. Let's hope this little problem doesn't last all weekend like last time.

So - how about you? Having any difficulties, or were you all smarter than the average bear, packed up your kit and already got the hell away from the evil empire? Maybe it's just me. Typepad has decided to hell with her - she said she was planning to leave anyway. Why bother with the customer service? {Sigh} I have a feeling it's gonna be a loooong night!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Breaking News: Cheney’s Still Breathing

| by Melissa McEwan | 9:38 PM |

Oh, sorry. I read that headline wrong. It’s actually Cheney strongly backs eavesdropping operation. In any case, I hope you’re sitting down for this bombshell, Refugees.

Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday strongly defended a secret domestic eavesdropping operation and said that had it been in place before the September 11 attacks the Pentagon might have been spared…

"There are no communications more important to the safety of the United States than those related to al Qaeda that have one end in the United States," Cheney said. "If we'd been able to do this before 9/11, we might have been able to pick up on two of the hijackers who flew a jet into the Pentagon."
You know what’s weird? Until this very moment, I had no fucking idea that the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing “Bin Laden determined to strike in US” was not a piece of paper handed to the president but the transcript of a phone call between al-Qaida operatives. Boy, do I feel silly.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Agitprop Asks: Who's the Worst?

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He Shredded the Bill of Rights Last Year ...
Why Not the 22nd Amendment in the New Year?


So here we are in 2006 ... what do you suppose is next on the Dear Leader's agenda now that Operation Enduring War™ is firmly in place to assure massive profits for Vice Fuhrer Cheney, Reichsminister Rumsfeld, and their ilk?

Ah, that pesky 22nd Amendment: "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once."

If the Dear Leader could wipe away the 4th Amendment with a stroke of his mighty pen, can the 22nd be far behind? So Agitprop asks: since Cheney will likely be put out to pasture, who's your nightmare running mate for Bush's 2008 presidential bid? He'll need people-boiling advice, so we picked Uzbekistan's President Karimov. Winner gets a fabulous prize! Head on over to Agitprop to play!

And yes, we are aware that we failed to announce a winner in our Saddamist-Rejectionist contest, but we were preoccupied with our as yet unsuccessful campaign to make O'Reilly's list of smear sites. Check Agitprop today for the winner.

hat tip for graphic: Robot Buddha

I'm Sorry Dave. I'm Afraid I Can't Do That.

| by eRobin | 2:39 AM |

I came over to whine because I want to put a photo album together and suddenly Typepad is locked to me. Neither of my browsers can find it or something. I need to get some sleep anyway. I should be thanking Typepad, the nanny host, for knowing what I need better than I do.