Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Agitprop on the Edge

| by Blogenfreude | 1:33 PM |

What Do We Have To Do ... Bitch-Slap Rupert Murdoch?Oreilly_final_4

The New Yorker has made O'Reilly's list of "Media Operations that Traffic in Defamation™." We at Agitprop offer our heartiest congratulations.

But this raises a troubling issue ... what does Agitprop have to do to make O'Reilly's enemies list? We have mocked.O' We have run the picture you see two or three times. We regularly join in a chorus of "Jolly Old St. Falafel." Again and again we have posted on this steaming pile of dishonesty. But nothing.

So what to do? It is critical that Agitprop make the list if we are to bring our Rejectionist, Defeatist message to a wider world. So we ask you, our readership. What do we have to do to get on the damn list? Please help us. Our very viability is stake.

photo by blogenfreude (taken in NYC's currently non-functioning subway)

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