Friday, December 16, 2005


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the defeatists! is back up.. more or less. .. i can probably post there if wanted to, but it's kind of sad leaving the refugee camp. what do we do with this place now that we have to go home again?

will you sign my yearbook? don't forget to write. we'll be best friends forerever and talk on the phone every night.

i promise.

Slow down! I'm still dead as a doornail - I tried to post, and it got spit back at me. Can't we all just get along?? (At least till this thing's fixed?). Besides - I kinda like it here - I mean, I even brought some popcorn.
hooray! camp's still on!
The Heretik has plans to make this a sometime group sort of refugee type blogathon. Who's with me?!!
I'm locked out too. Take word of us to the outside. Now run. Run!
Cue lame music:

We've only just begun...
Some people seem to be able to get back in and others - not so much. Nina of Nina Turns 40 says she's OK - but I'm still dead in the water. Well - I'm with Blogenfreude - let's keep this orphan blog a while and see if it gets along with all the other critters!
I concurr, let's stay together. I can get back in, but some of my posts are still missing. Bastards!
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