Friday, December 16, 2005


| by Melissa McEwan | 7:17 PM |

The Senate fell seven votes short of ending a filibuster directed at blocking legislation renewing the Patriot Act. Think Progress has more, including video of Russ Feingold, infamously the lone no-vote against the original Patriot Act, who swore to filibuster its renewal this time.

Bad day for the Dear Leader ... first he's caught with his finger on the "listen" button, and now this ...
Feingold 2008!

Alright my fellow refugees, I'm headed out to grab a buritto and then loiter in Barnes and Nobles...

Viva la refugiados!
I like how they didn't even mention Feingold on CNN earlier when they were talking about potential canadates for 08'.

So nice to have the day off...
don't you have a job, agi?
Damn. The party that controls both houses, the supreme court and the presidency can't pass any laws.

They passed CAFTA, the Barriers to Bankruptcy Bill, the Medicare Boondoggle and S.5, the Class-Action Fairness (gag) Act. I'd be happy with that if I were a Captain of Industry and part-owner of the ruling regime.
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