Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Features

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Ice Storm!!!! It’s a veritable winter wonderland – not at all usual this far south. Now, when I lived in North Carolina, we used to get these all the time – trees sheathed in opaque ice; suspended rivulets dripping down like some kind of mutant Spanish moss. So ethereal and beautiful – rather eerie; everything frozen and twisted into fantastical shapes from the wind. Its like I went through the wardrobe and found Narnia still encased in perpetual winter. No Mr. Tumnus, though – just dogs that are fascinated by the phenomenon and not at all sure what to do about it. Crunching ice under puppy toes has become a very popular game. Smokey has lived with snow, so this is old hat to him. Ginger, on the other hand keeps trying to run away from the sound her tippy-toes make as she scoots along. It’s quite amusing, really. Girlfriend never wants to come in – too many things to sample - evidently the pine trees taste really good frozen.

So – this week I have several more wonderful blogs for you to have a gander at. The first one is sheer puppy love. At least it features a puppy that I love the hell out of. Cairo’s Place is truly a boxer’s blog. Its author you will all probably recognize as the former proprietor of AGITPROP, a wonderful blog now capably and intelligently managed by Blogenfreude (who invited me here - a very kind man). Well, to liven up his retirement, the Commandante got himself a wonderful, beautiful, destructive little angel named Cairo – and presto-chango, Cairo got her own blog. You can decide who made out better in the exchange; I say both found perfection – with each other, of course; as all happy pet owners already know. Cairo’s Place faithfully chronicles her exploits – from beanie-baby infancy, to super sweet destructo puppy – everything’s there – all digitally arrayed for your viewing pleasure. So, if you want that ‘Ohhhh! Ahhhh!’ factor gazing out at you from a pair of limpid brown eyes, this blogs for you.

And then there’s Night Bird’s Fountain – pure poetry in more ways than one. I am enamored of Lizzy’s light touch, and facile mind. She writes tiny dreams that float the reader into a different world. She is also the beating heart that gives Night Bird its wings. Eli informs – just the facts, maam – but he always has them, and quite succinctly lays everything out. Cyn shouts – working visually, making sure all hear her crystal clear voice. Mack unveils; he’s a father, steadfast - always standing up for his beliefs. Barbi quotes the truth-sayers, so we don’t forget – “An unconstitutional law, in legal contemplation, is as inoperative as if it had never passed.” Nygreg outlines his truth, reasonably, calmly; explaining so you cannot help but see. Chuck – he punches through, visceral work – your attention is demanded and held. Dorsano – well, Dorsano’s métier is humor – and it’s definitely on display here. As for Amanda, or Beantown Bob – I haven’t run into them yet – but I am sure their contributions are as interesting and informed as their colleagues.

Finally, I would like to introduce you to Brother Kenya’s Paradigm – a serious blog written by someone whose humor borders on self-deprecating. The author is Kevin Brennan, and he says he’s just a guy in a hair shirt trying to make his way through life without filing an insurance claim. Well, good luck with that; but I wouldn’t count my chickens if I were you. Amusing – yes; yet he tackles serious subjects head on, and without beating about the bush (pun intended). You really should read his post on the death of Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams. No one gets off easy – not Williams, not the Governor and certainly not society at large. Me? I especially loved his piece memorializing the brilliant and ethical Eugene McCarthy, not to mention his memory riff on the passing of John Lennon and how it marked the end of that era. So – this blog is part remembrance, part opinion and wholly Kevin Brennan. If you visit, I promise you will stay.

And another week rushes to a close with Christmas looming on the horizon. Well – at least it’s finally beginning to look like Christmas – though I must say I really do miss having snow. Hubby has been home sick, and I’m afraid he’s given whatever the hell he has to me. Lord – please let me get through the holidays with my sanity intact! I hope that for you as well. So - till next time -----

The Fat Lady Sings

As is obvious – Typepad proceeded to lose everyone's blog last night. God alone knows if they will ever find it again - these guys are so far off they couldn't hit a bull in the behind with a bass fiddle in broad daylight! And if, by some miracle of creation, they do find their and everybody else's ass, how much of it will still exist? I prefer the British take on tragedy - kick your tushie into gear and get on with it. So, that’s why this post is late, and why I am considering moving to better digs. So, my good friends – tell me – do you like your blog carrier; and if so – what the hell is it?

Hi FLS, you poor lost baby! I had a WordPress blog which I liked very much until it became comment-spam-ridden; I switched to Blogger (I still have the WP blog - I just don't use it) and so far, so good, although the features are limited compared to other blogs.

Hope yours gets back soon!
Found ya!
TB - we'll be baack!
Thanks for the link to you. It would have been a boring night without your post. Stay safe and warm.
FLS-I am glad that you found a place to hang your hat! You are among good people. And I hope that you feel better soon.
Make that Bea=Lizzy
Thanks for linking Cairo's blog!
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