Saturday, December 17, 2005

I Think I'm Back (Maybe)

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Well - now I can finally find me (I won't go into the entire metaphysical aspects of that statement) - though it seems others cannot. Typepad may have eased its head partially out of its ass, but there are still people having trouble. And Donna isn't the only one to tell me all they get is an error message while trying to find my blog. What's this - 38 hours and counting?

So I guess I get to have more intimate email exchanges with Carla - where she can assume I've never seen a computer before in my life and once again suggest I re-boot. All I have to say about that is, honey - I had an Apple II that I brought back stateside from Japan in '86, and my hubby was building his own whirligigs way back in the late 70's. I think we know from basic maintenance and operation 101, thank you. And I may not be able to code with my hubby's panache and ability, but I do know how to find the power button - and this machine isn't an old tube-driven TV set. Whacking it soundly a couple ‘a times does NOT produce a better picture!

Anyway – so folks – what are we gonna do about this new blog we’ve birthed? I say keep it up and thriving. Of course, it doesn’t seem to have any direction in life yet – but what infant does? How’s about we let it grow, and see what kind of kid we created? Ya never know – it might just turn out to be something grand. Lord knows there’s enough of us to provide pithy and interesting content; and such an eclectic and opinionated group as well! Think how yummy the cinnamon buns could be! (Sorry – hubby’s been on a baking kick lately).

So whaddya say? Obviously we all still need the outlet as Typepad continues to flail about, looking way too much like Bush’s cabinet for my taste. But after – and I am assuming an after there will most definitely be – perhaps we can all put in a good movie and decide to stay a while. Dunno - Just a thought.

Of course, it doesn’t seem to have any direction in life yet ...
No direction? Go directly to mocking the Bush administration. Do not pass K Street. Do not collect $200 million.
Well, Duh - that much is clear - I mean, look at who we all are:). I was just kinda ruminating - you know; what would happen if we all decided to put down roots.
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