Friday, December 16, 2005

Kafka Dreams of Typepad

| by The Heretik | 5:45 PM |


Words have no meaning. I am a Typepad Refugee.

The Heretik

The Heretik has arrived.
good time for a baton pass. turns out they want me to do real work here at my job. they claim that's what i get those paychecks for.

who knew?
Spread the word, bitches*

(Bitches here is used in the non pejorative, bonding, non-bondage way.)
I think it's spelled "bitchez" ... sounds more French that way.
Bitchez toi, mon frere.
Fucking Typepad.

You know what make us all feel better? Being nominated for a Koufax...
fuck typepad!

I wasn't even going to post anything today. but now that I know I can't ...
And here all this time I thought the folks at typepad were supposed to be all like, experts and shit.

Dude, they are harshing my recently re-discovered blogging enthusiasm buzz.

I finaly have a day off to play, and the women wants to go outside...IN THE SUNLIGHT!!!
Franz would definitely dig this.
Kafka did his special dance, the dance you do with rants in your pants. Oy.

Hold me closer, Tiny Ranter. Count the headlights on the highway. . . Wait a minute. That's another song.
You bitchez needs to set up the separate window commenting in Blogger settingzzz.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Done Shakes Sis.

P.S. Typepad hates us for our freedom.

And yes, Typepad does.
Why does Typepad hate America?

The comments section is still opening up to a full page.

Why not just add a Haloscan comment?
Typepad is clearly:
1. Anti-american
2. An integral player in the War on Christmas
3. run by a lot of French people.
Rahm Emanuel has indicated the Democrats will have an opinion on Typepad "when the time is right." Joe Biden says he's tougher than Typepad.

Joe Lieberman is applying for a job with Typepad.
Haloscan is halo hell. Who has any idea what post the comments are connected to or what blog? Oy. Or maybe that is my Typepad crankiness coming out? Oyus Maximus. Oyus Dei.
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