Friday, December 16, 2005

No Joke

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THE PATRIOT ACT IS DEAD for now. Long live the Patriot Act. The abomination against civil liberties known as the Patriot Act, at least its sixteen most odious provisions, will not be renewed. But all the investigations that have already begun under the act and those begun before the act expires will continue on. And be able to use all the means of the Patriot Act before it expired. Look for lots of investigations to start up soon. Or don’t look. Because you aren’t supposed to know. You shouldn’t care. Unless you have done something wrong. No joke. Oy.

UPSIDES The provisions set to expire.

DOWNSIDES Some "patriots" think the Fourth Amendment is just a technicality. Or more precisely, what the NSA did is "technically illegal," but so what?

The Heretik

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