Friday, December 16, 2005

take a moment and revel in the ignorance of Jeff Goldstein and his blind followers

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the folks at protein wisdom, both the walking-typing ego that is Jeff Goldstein and his followers, are the funniest bunch of folks that ever took themselves seriously.

where comments, honest, sometimes begin as stupidly as this:

Marc --

I’m not calling you soft on Islamofascism...

and anyone who opposes government intervention in their daily lives is an "efette fucktard".

where "limpwristed" suddenly is not an euphemism for gay and the 5th column - that is anyone to the left of rick santorum - is gonna really regret this or that the day the "next attacks" come (i swear, someone in their comments section says this every damn day, it's hilarious).

have a little fun. go, read, fuck with them.

see if you can drive them into a rage like i did.

they love war, torture, and spying, only slightly less than jeff g. is in love with hisself.

you'll thank me for it

You sure you want lob one on opening day of business?
it typically takes two or three comments to get a rise out of them. agi and i have been pretty successful when tag-teaming. the funny thing is they never "get" that we don't care.

good times, good times.
Jeff G is a minor diety in his own mind. I love trolling to his sycophant chorus of commenters.
I could not believe that some idiot over there posted this in the comment thread:

The primary reason for the firewall between domestic and foreign intelligence is the fear that the connection between the left wing and the USSR, confirmed by Venona, would come out. This is less a concern now that the paychecks no longer come.

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