Friday, December 16, 2005

This is infuriating! (But it's sooo nice not to be all alone:))

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First I want to thank you all for the invite - it has been a dreadful day - sick hubby, ice storm, dogs with cabin fever chasing cats all over hell and gone while destroying the house in the process - and the piece de resistance - Typepad now telling me this might take days to fix. So this is truly a bright spot. Bless you all!! Now, I am still hoping the situation gets taken care of sooner than anticipated, but if it gets much later, I will definitely post my Friday Features article here - and then move it (providing there is a place to move it to, of course!)

Anyway - I'm open for suggestions on where to go after the dust settles. Typepad has been nothing but trouble for ages – and I have had it with this shit. So, who do you all think is reliable? Hell – I’d post on the moon if the servers held!

i use b2evolution for el serracho.

it's freeware so you need to be able to configure it yourself or have host who can/will.

it's been almost perfect. the one drawback is the you have to stay on top of referrer spam. it can get outta control.
Thanks - I will look into it. I could always use the spam catcher idea Lance came up with.
Dudes, check out what Twisty did with her new Word Press blog. It is AWESOME.
I second WordPress.

It's reliable, beautiful, and infinitely customizable.
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