Friday, December 16, 2005

Twelve Steps

| by Lance Mannion | 8:38 PM |

"Hi. My name is Lance, and I'm a blogaholic."

"Hi, Lance!"

This is kind of sad, isn't it? None of us can bear to be without our blogs for even one whole day?

Anybody have any idea what's going on with Typepad? I mean, really going on?

"During routine maintenance of our network and storage systems last night, we experienced an issue with our primary disk system where data from published blogs are stored."

I think I saw that episode.

"Hey, Moe! Look!"

"What's that?"

"I don't know. I just pulled on it and it came off."

"C'm'ere, porcupine."

"Oh oh oh oh!"

For a year I loved Typepad. Never a problem. Never a lost post. Oh, how fun it was, laughing at the kids on blogger. But since fall...

Seems like once a week Typepad's had some kind of nervous breakdown. You'd think that at the point where they were offering rebates to us for blogging time lost, somebody there would have said, "Hey, I got an idea! What if we just went back to doing what we were doing before we changed things and introduced all those bugs?"

There's probably a good explanation for why they don't do that. My cynical soul believes that it's because what changed was somebody in management. A new grand poohbah appeared on the scene and determined to flex his or her ego and forever stamp Typepad as their own ordered fixed what was not broken, thereby, of course, invoking Murphy's Law.

Now, although it's become clear that the new grand poohbah didn't know spit from shinola, nobody dares suggest that the decision was wrong.

Of course, the grand poohbah now admits that the changes the poohbah instituted didn't go as planned---the new code was welcomed, it just wasn't a peaceful welcome---that the initial Intel was faulty, but Typepad must not give in to the defeatists. Stay the course! Anybody who criticizes Typepad is aiding Blogger.

Or am I confusing Typepad with some other set of screw ups?

I invite all Typepadistas in pain to post. Blogenfreude hears you ...
As a fellow refugee, whose Republicant Senator is imploding as we speak AND I CAN"T BLOG IT! ... I have to ask, how does one get on this refugee gravy train?
Never mind. Our data isn't fully restored, but apparently we can post now.
yeah, i can see all of our posts in typepad but they aren't online yet.

also, it says "images back by monday"

damn hobbits
HEY! Why blame the hobbits? Much more likely the Orcs!
I miss my images. Oy.
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