Saturday, December 17, 2005

Typepad Lies!!!

| by TFLS | 12:32 AM |

So - I try to post to my blog, and what happens? Not a damn thing, that's what! Oh - but Typepad says everything's A-OK - nothing wrong - everything's fixed!! Send up fireworks everybody!

Liar, liar pants on fire!! They are still hosed - as in FUBAR - gone the way of the Dodo. So, I can't even put up a sign that says 'Sorry - it's broke'. And I sure as hell can't re-post those entries Typepad 'misplaced'. I tried - no go. Oh, and they have also managed to lose all my graphics and photos as well. Isn't that special?

If I could get one of those fruit bats on the phone, I would give them much more than a piece of my mind - I would graphically prove exactly what I learned all those years working on a Navy base!! Blasted, two-faced, bloody liars!!!!

they might come through, though I'm not positive ... all our stuff might come back. my images, according to typepad, are due to be back this weekend.
I haven't noticed any image issues, but I did go into "list posts" and found my missing most recent post and hit the "save" (publish) button and it reappeared.
That sucks. I was able to at least put up a quick post explaining that Typepad service was sporadic.
My blog is screwed too. I like how they say the blogs work...except lastest post are missing and people can't post comments. I mean why would we want the latest posts? Who need comments?
I was so very glad to get the mail from you - was extremely worried, what would I do without my favorite blogger to read - my whole world would come to a screeching halt!

Glad to see you are alive and still raising hell though.
This is an interesting blog. It's great that the lot of you banded up together to post. How nice!
Mine is working just fine. At least it seems to be. I got my photos and everything. It will definitely be interesting to see how they try and appease all of us.

Hope your is up and running soon.
Just passing through via the "Next Blog" arrow.

Man, that really sucks. Typepad was one of the sites I looked at when I decided to start one. LiveJournal has too many crazy people, Movable Type didn't have much leway. Granted, Blogger has its issues. (Safari now quits on me when I try to upload a pic), but it's better than nothing.
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