Friday, December 16, 2005

Typepad, You Suck

| by Agi | 4:25 PM |

I was planning to unveil a nice post this morning and then you and your pipeweed-smoking Hobbits decided to crash the entire Typepad server.

So, I was busy watching this movie this morning and found myself amazed.


Must check out these clips.

at least YOU know how to get a picture up ... today is Beethoven's 235th birthday! I took a photo ... has Typepad no shame?!
oh yeah bf? how old are click and clack and when are their birthdays?
Well... ahem. I could have told you as much. However, beware of the blogger gremlins. I had a BRILLIANT post eaten the other day. It was about the "war on christmas" and I had OUTDONE myself.

Oh well. I think not only the blogger gremlins but the evil minions of Bill O'Reilly had something to do with it.
Oh and I got my doubts about the veracity of Jesus too. In any case, whoever he was/wasn't, if it was based on a real dude, there's no way he'd like most of the crap that's done in his name nowdays. He'd probably faint dead away from horror and disgust.
No Jesus? Then who brings all the presents on Christmas Day? Don't tell me it's my parents. I'm confused.
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