Friday, December 23, 2005

what i learned from president bush

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the headline reads; Bush Sees Good 2005, Warns of Terrorism Fight

read that again - Bush Sees Good 2005, Warns of Terrorism Fight
President George W. Bush called 2005 "a good year for the American people," but cautioned that terrorists like those who carried out the September 11 attacks still posed a threat.
if dubya has taught me anything, it's that reading the papers and staying up on the news of the world can only lead to unhappiness. why worry about so-called "news" and "facts" when you can stay so much happier by simply assuming that everything is A-ok.

hurricane katrina? sure i heard something about that.. little storm or something. i got to go hang out in my old party town for a few days. dirtier than i remember it but you know.. heh memory's kinda fuzzy from those days. besides, momma told me folks is better off now anyhow. good year.. let me tell ya. and that war business.. whoo boy is that ever going well. good year for those folks what is still alive anyhow.

yep. a fine fine year. i cant think of anything that went wrong.

this next year, the quitter's gonna make an effort to be even less informed than ever. i'll stick my head in the sand and just let folks i know tell me how things is goin. i don't have time for this crap.

happy new year and merry ex-mas.

oh yeah and watch our fer terrorists. they're comin to git ya!

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