Friday, December 16, 2005

What A Shitty Day

| by ntodd | 7:33 PM |

Typepad craps out. My flight from LGA to BTV has been delayed, cancelled, reinstated, delayed...who knows if I'll get home tonight. At least there have been no NYTimes reports about my signing executive orders to spy on Americans.


Sorry that you are having a crappy day! Sure hope it is better in Burlington...if you get there tonight!

Maybe a nice hot chocolate would help?
but at least you have Refugee friends who care ... it's a bright new day in the blogosphere.
Thank God for my Refugee Brothers and Sisters.

[raises hand in Typepad Refugee Salute]
I've been in this refugee camp for six hours now and I still haven't gotten any hot chocolate! I'm calling the UN.
NTodd, I knew something was wrong when I went to post something about your 12/9 podcast and noticed that the most recent post on your site was from 12/10.

Bummer about the flight delay!
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