Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If Only I Wrote a Successful Television Show about the Disenfranchisement of America, Then People Would Love Me

| by eRobin | 7:48 PM |

I came over to shout in the wind. Typepad is hinky. Posts can save but can't be seen. The site times out - or something. What kind of treatment is this of someone who's using every spare minute of her day trying to restore America's vote? Where's my parade? And speaking of parades, did you see that the writers of Gray's Anatomy now have a Typepad blog, which gets front page promotion space? Who cares what the writers of Gray's Anatomy have to say? If I wanted to know what they care about, I'd watch the stupid show. Gimme Zach Braf or Wil Wheaton if you must but spare me ABC's latest big idea to promote their dopey shows.

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