Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh, Canada ...

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What Happened To Standing On Guard?
Haven't You Learned From Our Example?

I238482004nov30l_1OK, so now you've got a Bush clone in charge (not pictured). Doesn't like abortion, gay marriage (which you have, eh?), Kyoto, or civil rights. So how long you think it'll be before he's listening in on your phone calls? Like desert climates? Soon your fine young Mounties will be wearing desert camo and ineffective body armor in our Operation Enduring War™.

Oh, and watch for all your nationalized stuff to be quickly contracted out to Halliburton, KBR, and Bechtel. Sure, you can't be a superpower - that's us! But Harper will certainly waste your tax dollars on war-on-terror toys. And, in no time at all, your air will be an unbreathable as ours.

So welcome to the club! The "conservatives" did the same thing to you they did to us (well, except stealing two elections) - they kept the real wingnuts under wraps so they wouldn't scare your average voter like last time. You know, wingnuts are the ones who think anyone who's not white and Christian belongs in a camp. You'll see ...

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Unlike you, we in Canada, don't have to wait a full term. If the no-cons try to overturn a women's right to choose or sending troops to Iraq, for example, all we need is that 3 leftist parties to vote together and topple them.

New election.

I think our system works better in that regards.

So please don't cry for us Vermount.
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