Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trent Sharpens a Lott of Long Knives

| by Blogenfreude | 5:18 PM |

Trent Gets Ready to Rumble

Trentlott021217Trent Lott hates Bill Frist. Remember Frist? Senate majority leader? God's Diagnostician?

Trent's been pissed off for a while: first Frist swiped his leadership position after the Strom 100th birthday kerfuffle, then the big, bad hurricane blew his house down (Frist must have prayed hard for that one).

Now that Trent has announced he'll seek a fourth term, it's almost certain he'll challenge Frist for his old position. While we have no love for Frist, why would anybody (or any body) want to be led by a guy who irons his shirts after they come back from the cleaners and won't let one type of food touch another on his plate? And what about his misty reverence for segregation? That could be important ...


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