Friday, January 27, 2006

Typepad - The Evil Empire

| by TFLS | 2:54 AM |

All day now, certain sections of Typepad have been deemed verboten by the evil Carla and her minions at sixpart support. That means you can get in - but you can't maneuver once you're there. No explanation as to why has been forthcoming. As I cannot post, I come here for either solace and support, or to wallow in our mutual disregard of Typepad et al - whichever comes first. Sometimes I feel Carla has developed a particular tendre for screwing around with my blog. It’s enough to make a person scream bloody murder whilst hoping up and down on one foot!


Once again Typepad has sucked big wazzobies! I haven't bothered sending in a help ticket - as they now universally ignore them. Yes, I know, I need to switch over to Wordpress, or something like it. Not being technologically inclined, all that just takes me longer than most - especially since I lost my one source of assistance in that regard. So - I am well and truly on my own - and as I am a Luddite at heart, everything tends to take me three times as long to master. So, in the meantime, here I am - hat in hand - wishing the evil gnomes infesting Typepad would find somewhere else to play!

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