Friday, February 03, 2006

Typepad Hates Fridays!!!

| by TFLS | 4:18 PM |

What is it about Friday that Typepad doesn't like? Is it personal? I mean - did something really, really bad happen to Mena on a Friday so that’s when her multi-million dollar baby goes bye-bye? My stats had been on and off disabled for days. Last night, they seem to finally have been turned off in their entirety. When I submitted a help ticket, I was told to go buy another metering service. That’s it - no oh, gee; I'm so sorry for screwing up something you've paid for so let me see if we can fix the problem. No - it was get the hell out, and don't let the door hit you in the ass as you go.

Now - I know - LEAVE says you. Love too. Problem is - when I signed up for this gremlin infested service I opted to pay ahead for an entire year. That’s me, tying everything up in a neat little package! So – I go and they'd have my money for nothing; while I’m forced to bundle up my kit and move on. And yes, they charged my credit card, and no those 'rebates' we all got when they had a meltdown haven't been applied yet. I had forgotten I'd done that, you see. I had been looking around, deciding where to go and lit on Wordpress and a viable alternative. So - my plans were to start moving stuff, with the idea of completing the move by March (I'm a slow learner when it comes to the technical end of all this - so it takes me a while to get things done).

Now it looks like I'm stuck till maybe next THANKSGIVING - because I'll be damned if I'll let them take my money! I’m so bloody pissed off right now I’d sue the bastards if I could afford to! I’m open to suggestions here, folks. I don’t think they’ll be forthcoming with any refund if asked, do you? When you all left (those of you that already have) were you in my situation, and did they refund your balance? Or am I whistling in the wind to think of moving at all, as all the other available services suck too? Would moving - no matter what the provocation - simply be trading one devil for another? Let me know, kiddos – ‘cause I’m mad as hell and feeling extra stompy today!

So ~ I guess I am not the only one having trouble with Typepad. Well, that's certainly reassuring. Now all we need is a support group that will help find a reasonable alternative that doesn't require a high geek quotient to maintain. Anyone with any ideas?
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