Monday, July 03, 2006

Get The Fuck Out!

| by TFLS | 12:51 PM |

I’ve been listening to Tony Snow dance around the administrations reaction to today’s Supreme Court smack down of the whole Gitmo bullshit - and I just can’t take it any more. The upshot is - they are actively looking for a way to circumvent a ruling of the Supreme Court. Christ! You should have heard Bush today – saying with one breath he has no intention of changing a god-damned thing and with the other that he’ll ‘abide by the ruling’. Bullshit, in any fucking language. Then Snow gets up there and say they have a phalanx of lawyers parsing each and every word – so they will ‘know what it really says’. It says you broke the law you dim-witted amadán! But no, says Tony the oh so weasely. Look here – each judge wrote an opinion – whose opinion do we follow? Do we follow Thomas and Scalia who dissented? Or do we follow Breyer who was in the majority but highlights certain areas he thought were the most important? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Why this could take some time! After all – we want to ‘abide by the ruling’.

But what of the prisoners, some enterprising reporter asks? What happens to them in the meantime? Why nothing – dear Tony looked astonished that she’d ask – after all, as he so famously told Helen Thomas – he’s The Teacher. Just like his boss is The Decider – That makes Tony Snow the Kommissar of information. The reporter tried to follow up – but don’t you have to respect the Supreme Court Ruling? You were admonished by the court to follow Geneva Convention rules. Don’t you have to change how the prisoners are treated? Of course not – says Tony – I don’t know that we need to change anything – that’s for the lawyers to decide (ah – now lawyers are The Deciders). But what about Congress she asks (this lady tried – I’ll give her that – not another one of her colleagues looked like they even gave a damn). Ah – Congress! Tony’s eyes light up – that needs to be gone over too. Some of the Justices mentioned Congress. That will take even more time to figure out. And with that – he moved on. So much for the Supreme Court, so much for the rule of law and so much for the American Constitution.

You know - the lot of ‘em – from Bush on down should just take the damn thing out of the National Archives and piss on it in full public purview. Not that the American public will give a fuck. Hey folks! Yoo-hoo! The President of the United States just stated he intends to disregard a ruling from the Supreme Court – a court he stacked personally, by the way. Plan on doing anything abut it? No? Thought so, you gutless motherfuckers. Well – you get the government you deserve – and you bastards deserve this – we don’t, unfortunately; but that’s the breaks, I guess. The majority could care less – so those precious few of us who’ve been carrying the torch you all seem to have abandoned have something to say. Get. Out. Go start your own fuckin’ country – make it that theocracy you’ve all been salivating for. Don’t even bother with a constitution – just copy Muslim Sharia laws and scream it’s really Christianity. Truth doesn’t matter – remember? Institute the death penalty for – oh, lets see – not attending the national church, failure to invoke god before passing gas – doesn’t matter – anything will serve. Even children can be under the gun – string ‘em up for talking back to their parents. Oh – and don’t forget corporal punishment. Beat those little fuckers till their backs run red. See how much fun you could have with your own country? Just leave America to those of us who think the founding fathers were right. So get out – pack up your shit and get the fuck out of my country – and that that sulpherating little shit Bush with you when you go!

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