Friday, September 01, 2006

Karr TV

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JonBenet Ramsey. I find the media's obsession with this case bordering on pornographic. Every damn day for the last two weeks whenever I’d try and listen for real news I have been force-fed reality-show details of John Mark Karr's sleazy pedophilic life. By the way - notice that they always use all three names whenever referring to him? John Mark Karr. As if he's already been granted celebrity status. And for all intents and purposes - he has. His family hired an entertainment lawyer – did you know that? Wanted to make sure they squeezed every damn dime out of the situation. Now they are making noises about suing the Colorado DA – because their ‘good’ name was dragged through the mud! Their ‘good’ name – what a fucking joke! Keep in mind - this same family sold pictures and video tapes of Karr to any and every news outlet and yellow-sheet rag that would pony up enough cash. And did those round-the-clocker’s eat that shit up! They mainlined it – jabbering on about light fixtures and underpants as if each new item were the Holy Grail. Now that Karr’s been uncovered for the slimy fraud that he is – the sharks are circling – taking a bite out of anything that moves, disappointed to be deprived of their anticipated frenzy.

What to do now with all the carefully edited research, photoshopped pictures and suitably breathless blonds? All that prep time wasted. And time really is money in the media biz. So – they are desperate to keep it alive – and one way to do that is to shift the blame. I heard one of those shaggy blonds talking to Patsy Ramsey’s sister this morning – doing her level best to re-focus the blame for JonBenet‘s death back onto the family. This bimbet actually implied that the Ramsey family was somehow complicit in foisting Karr off on the DA’s office. The balls on that bitch! When that didn’t work – she dredged up ten year old baseless accusations – anything to get Patsy’s sister to bite. It was shameless. Other equally deprived talking heads spent their morning attempting to whip up frenzy over the DA’s supposed ‘incompetence’ – putting it on a political footing. They had Colorado’s governor to help with that. Hey – gotta make those political points! Who cares if it’s off the back of a dead six year old. What took the cake though – was MSNBC’s fruitless efforts to continue convicting Karr in the court of public opinion – trying to get their stable of ‘experts’ to say that DNA evidence wasn’t really crucial to the case. That Karr could still be prosecuted for the crime. Please. The bastard didn’t do it. Get over it and move on. Want to turn back the hands of time and re-do everything to fit your premise? Try using a pair of ruby slippers. I hear that and a bump on the head will get you home free.

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