Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm Still Screwed!!!

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Well, boys and girls - Typepad still well and truly has me by the short hairs. New content on my weblog is only visible if the viewer (either from within the belly of the beast, or entering the cave alone and unaided) clicks on my title bar. If you just drop on by to say howdy - all most of you will be able to see are my posts from December 12th - the arbitrary date Typepad picked as most worthy, I guess. 1/2 dozen 'fix the fucking thing' tickets later, and I am being told everything is just fine - no problem here! Just re-publish your files, clear your cache, crush all your cookies into infinitesimally tiny motes of dust and it will all go away. (Of course you must stand on one foot and cackle like a chicken while doing it - without that, everything else is moot).

Well, it hasn't gone away - and I have done everything up to and including complicated voodoo rituals (it helps having a hubby who does this sort of thing for a living - computers, that is; not voodoo). So - two things. First, I hope you all don't mind if I hang out here and party a while. Second, could you please stop by my blog and tell me what you see? (The Fat Lady Sings) Typepad is not helping one little bit - they keep telling me everything on their end's fine - it's me who's screwed up. (They're coming to take me away, ho ho, ha, ha, he, he). Well - hubby and I are already hunting for a new home - which is incredibly stressful and a bitch to boot! I mean, I was putting finishing touches on a more individualistic design, creating an alternate page for my fiction work, and trying to smooth out my first podcast - all through Typepad, the nasty little trolls!

So you will excuse me for saying I'M PISSED!!!!!! And if you will also excuse the expression - Carla at Typepad can kiss my ever lovin' ass!

It looks like all is well to me. Recent posts, images, everything.
My images are not up on my site...I'm thinking of trying WordPress. Seriously, TypePad is too expensive for this kind of shit.
I lucked out ... I'm only missing the images - no other content. Typepad swears they'll be back. Check out the post I just put up about the Technorati link to all the Typepad bitching. Some of the posts are a laff riot. At least that will mute our suffering ... a bit.
I stopped by your blog and all I get is a server error message. You might want to check out that's where my blog is...only I never post there. LOL My blog is my homepage and I use it just for my links, and every couple of months I get a warning email from blog-city telling me that if I don't login and post they are deleting my blog, so I post something just to save my homepage. My homepage has never been down, blog-city seems very stable. It could be because they aren't as popular as typepad or blogger so they don't get the huge traffic. They are on the ball about deleting blogs that aren't used, which those of us who clear our cache, delete programs we don't use, even empty the trash bin, know...keeps our computer running faster, it keeps their servers running fast too. Other useful information, they have several templates, it's very easy to use, and it's free.
Thanks Donna - I will check them out. This group blog is lots of fun, and I do hope we keep it going, but, like everyone else, I also want a home base. I must say I am overwhelmed by how wonderful everyone has been. Not to get sappy, but it really makes you feel all warm and happy to have so much support.
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