Friday, December 16, 2005

When Tragedy Strikes

| by Agi | 4:42 PM |

Sometimes I don't have the ability to deal with horrible news stories like this one.

Our culture is in grave danger.


please. the world needs another john lennon.
shit ... she was gone? her leaving must have been covered constantly ... why does she have a career? couldn't someone please remember that you have to put a stake through the heart, cut off the head, AND stuff the mouth with garlic.
Paul McCartney needs to drop dead as well. Preferably while he is performing on stage.
"Simpson had just finished a rendition of the hit single "Boyfriend" before telling the audience that she felt sick."

Does this have anything to do with CIA Blacksites? Was she trying to to tell us something? Is it to late to learn the truth?!
we are bad people. sitting around wishing death on people. what about the spirit of christmas?
Hey "rev"

Death is the reason for the season.

I wish that woman would just go away and leave the public alone. Why wont' she go away? WHY???
rev ... face it ... a couple weeks ago, I fantasy-posted on an imaginary plane full of awful singers (Billy Joel) crashing into a mountain ... then they would have had to eat each other, like in ALIVE! Billy Joel. I wondered who would survive. Face it ... we are worse than awful. Cher. John Tesh. Die Die Die.

Oh, and I'd include a link to the post but TYPEPAD IS FUCKED UP! Had you heard?
I want to take a crap on that stupid Simpson girl.
Christ! There you are. We were worried sick. I did Comandante Agi's bidding and hoisted The Defeatists name up the Wampum to get them to salute.

"My BEST GROUP BLOG nomination:

If someone hasn't done so already, it would be my honor to nominate those wits over at:

The Defeatists (

much obliged. too bad typepad has royally screwed us. oh well, defeat suits us.
Don't mention it. Is this a temporary condition with Maxi Pad, or are you going to make the switch to Blogger? Or someone else?
hopefully just temporary, but i've learned from many years of defeat that hope = hopelessness.

if they lose the last weeks worth of posts i'll ..ummm... pretty much do nothing.
You are one Zenned out mother.

Defeat don't fail me now!
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